Securely convert files online in bulk.
Lots of media and document formats are supported.

Max size: 200 MB per file

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Why use MConverter

Batch conversion

We support converting multiple files at the same time. The files you choose can even be in different formats.

Drag & drop entire folders

In addition to files, you can drag & drop a folder. All compatible files in it and its subfolders will be queued for converting.

πŸ†• Download converted files as a folder, not .zip

You can save the converted files to a custom folder, without having to download them first as a zip. Simply click on SAVE TO... and select any folder on your device.
* This feature is available in Chrome, Edge, and other Chromium browsers for Windows, macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS. Other browsers lack support for it. Zip downloads are available on all platforms.

Recognizes unknown file types

If you have a file with a missing or corrupted filename extension, MConverter will analyze the file, try to guess its real format and offer to convert it to other formats you can already open on your device.
Helps with files which trigger the "How do you want to open this file? Look for an app in the Microsoft Store." popup on Windows.

No account needed

You are not required to fill out any sign up forms or give your email address.

No installation needed

You don’t need to download and install any additional programs.
But, if you prefer apps, MConverter is also available as an Android app on Google Play and the Galaxy Store.
There is also a Windows 10/11 app which you can grab from the Microsoft Store.
On iOS, you can install this web app from Safari's Share menu > Add to Home Screen.

Browser extension available

With the MConverter extension, you can right-click on most images, videos, and audio players to extract their displayed files and convert them. Get it from the Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons, Edge Add-ons, or Opera Add-ons.

Embracing modern standards

MConverter is a PWA (progressive web app), with deeper OS integration than traditional websites.
We can also convert to and from new, more efficient image formats, such as AVIF and JPEG XL.

Why you can trust MConverter

Process isolation

Every file is converted in a separate, isolated environment. This further limits the possibility of a rogue file interfering with other users' conversions.

Your files. Your control

You are the only person who can view the files you upload. After the conversion completes, your files are automatically deleted from our servers in 4 hours. You can also immediately delete them by clicking the trash icon.

Responsible handling

If a conversion fails, you may give permission to use your files for resolving the issue by contacting us. Even then, we have strict internal protocols for handling your data. Immediately after fixing the problem, your files are permanently deleted at our end.

Secure transmission

Your files are transferred using industry-standard encryption methods and technologies, such as SSL. No one can intercept your files over the network.

No third parties

We do not sell, rent, share or give away your files to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes. All processing of your files is done entirely in-house.

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