Convert MCPACK to ZIP in bulk.
Large MCPACK files are supported.

You can convert MCPACK Learn more about MCPACK files to


How to convert MCPACK to ZIP?

You can convert MCPACK to ZIP with MConverter in three easy steps:
  1. Choose MCPACK files from your device
    At the top of this page, drag and drop your MCPACKs.
    You can also click to select MCPACK files using your operating system's file picker.
    Another method is to press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V (⌘+V on Mac) to paste an MCPACK file you have copied to clipboard.
    Converting a folder with MCPACK files to ZIP is also supported: simply paste or drag and drop it.
  2. Click or tap on ZIP from the list of target formats
    Alternatively, you can use the search field to quickly find the format you need, whether it's ZIP or something else.
  3. Download your ZIP files, after MConverter has finished processing them
    There's an option to automatically download the converted ZIP files, so you don't have to press the download icon for each ZIP.
    On desktop platforms, you can download the ZIP files to a different folder by clicking on SAVE TO...
    You may see a share icon as well. Use it to directly share the ZIPs with other apps.

About the formats

Extension mcpack
Category Minecraft file formats
Developed by Mojang, now Microsoft
Mime type application/zip


MCPACK files are resource packs for Minecraft (Bedrock Edition). Resource packs modify the textures, sounds, and game behavior. MCPACK files are compressed to save space. To install the resource pack, simply open the MCPACK file if you have Minecraft installed on your device.
Note: These resource packs may not be compatible with Minecraft: Java Edition, due to the fundamental differences between the two Minecraft editions.
Extension zip
Category Archive/Compression file formats
Developed by PKWARE
Mime type application/zip


ZIP is one of the most popular archive formats. It allows storing multiple files and folders inside a single file. Compression is applied to make the file smaller. As is the case with other archive formats, ZIP files are particularly useful for transferring whole folders over the web.

Common questions about converting MCPACK to ZIP

Can I convert MCPACK to ZIP in bulk?

Yes, MConverter supports batch converting of multiple MCPACKs to ZIPs simultaneously. You can even drag and drop folders containing MCPACKs to convert to ZIP.
Pasting MCPACK files and folders copied in the clipboard also works: use Ctrl+V.

Can I convert an MCPACK file to ZIP, if its size is 1 GB?

Yes, with MConverter Premium you can convert big MCPACKs, up to 1 gigabyte each.
The free version lets you convert files up to 100 MB. If you need to convert MCPACK files over 100 megabytes, try MConverter Premium.

Is converting MCPACKs to ZIP safe with MConverter?

Yes, we encrypt your connection using industry standards. Plus, your MCPACK files are only accessible by you. 4 hours after the conversion completes, they are automatically deleted from MConverter’s servers. You can also delete your MCPACKs and other converted files immediately after finishing the conversion by clicking the bin icon.
Join others who have trusted us to convert over 5,261,554 files so far.

How long does it take to convert MCPACK to ZIP?

For most Minecraft files, the wait should not take more than a few seconds, after the upload finishes. However, MConverter also supports converting larger Minecraft files, meaning that it could take a while (up to over an hour, for example).

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I grab the webm I want to move to my phone and drag it over to the app, I click the type of file I want the webm converted to (mp4), it does it in 10 seconds. easiest 5/5 of my life.
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